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Define and connect your brand’s visual and experiential touch points to create.

Design is the art that gives shape, weight, and texture to your brand. It tells a story, drives decisions, and defines memories.


Well-Built Custom Designs, User Experience Priorities Connect with the right audience

Connect with the right audience at the right time with a well-designed and managed website and a holistic SEO approach that will move the needle for your brand.


Visual and Timeline presentation work tells our core story—our clients easily get that “awesome ha!” flex.

Visual and Motion (animation) as a marketing tool are an effective and creative way to engage customers.


Create a competitive advantage with a digital branding strategy that differentiates your organization from the competition.

Brand Identity & Experience Digital Strategy & Growth Packaging.

Create a competitive advantage with a digital branding strategy that differentiates your organization from the competition.


Make your digital advertising strategy work for your brand with the right mix of formats, creative design, and messaging to achieve your goals.

How can your marketing become more data-driven and more human-centric?

Skilled to translate your brand into its best digital thought.

We’re at our best working with brands that want to get things done the right way. Brands that have need fr identity and potential of impatience with a goal to work with a partner who shares the effort.


A brand is the perceived identity of and emotional connection with your company and its products and services. A brand identity must be consistent and constant to be effective. You want unified branding in everything you do, from your company logo to your annual report—otherwise, your employees and prospects get mixed or conflicting information.

Branding is about developing a customized, uniform image for your business—your brand—internally and externally. It attracts attention, tells your story, sets you apart from your competition, and makes it easy for them to buy. Successful brand marketing is a crucial factor in increasing initial and repeat sales.

Branding speeds up your success timeline by integrating many elements of your marketing and advertising at one time. Instead of writing your marketing plan one quarter and designing your logo the next, Spot-On Branding works on them at the same time, as two elements of one big picture: your brand.

It used to be that all a business owner needed to be successful was a business card, a yellow pages ad, and a decent product or service. That won’t work anymore. Now you need a website, marketing collateral, brochures, and so much more.

Spot-On Branding ensures that your message to prospects is consistent and clear. Part of the brand-building process we help with is crafting marketing and advertising strategies to entice clients to buy—not just once, but as often as possible. If we can create raving fans, your business will be successful beyond your wildest dreams.

If your brand identity isn’t strong and recognizable, there’s a disconnect between you and your audience. You’re sending the wrong message or sending too many jumbled messages. You want a brand image for your company that not only creates awareness but also encourages prospects to buy and cultivates their loyalty. Spot-On Branding can do this for you in the quickest, most direct way possible. Branding is a strategic plan to tell your story to the world!

Your logo is just one piece of the puzzle that is your brand. Your logo is important, and it plays a significant role in your brand marketing because it’s the visual representation of your company. But it’s not your brand. Branding ties together all the elements of your marketing and advertising—including, but not limited to, your company logo.


Ears that actually listen to your goals, eyes that see your company as the successful, distinctive creation it is, and hands that craft and manage your brand to take your story to the next level. We see the bigger picture of your successful business, and we help you get where you want to go with a comprehensive plan: branding.


Most big companies freshen up their brand image every 7–10 years, regardless of circumstances, by doing minor alterations. Changing fonts and color combinations or eliminating shapes can keep your company from looking obsolete. If your company has experienced a transformation such as a merger, a new company direction, or a company name change, you need to update your company’s brand identity.

When you work with Spot-On Branding, you can expect a partner in your success. We will talk about your company’s strengths, weaknesses, target audience, and goals. We’ll look at your current brand marketing and figure out what’s working, what’s not, and how to get on the right track. You won’t be lectured or ignored. On the contrary, you’ll be encouraged and treated as the brilliant entrepreneur you are. After all, you’ve come this far!

A successful brand pays attention to their market, will come up with new ways to keep the interest of their target market and are not afraid to innovate.

Apple does this really well through their innovative technology products and fulfilling customers’ needs over time. This can also be evident in the evolution of their brand – the Apple came from their initial logo with Isaac Newton and an Apple above his head. It evolved into an apple with a bite (or byte as Steve Jobs would say), followed by the different variations of the apple relevant to that specific time.

Apple Brand Examples

Before iPhones and iPads, Nokia was once a major player in the telecoms and technologies industries however did not hold their position as market leaders as they failed to keep their brand and business offerings relevant to market needs. Nokia had the best team of hardware engineers however overlooked the shift from hardware to software and did not make any changes to their brand or marketing. Hence, companies such as Apple & Samsung were able to take Nokia’s place as market leaders in a short timespan.

Now you know a little more about branding and how it is the foundation to your business, how does your business rate? Does it appeal to your target market, does it position you where you want to be in your marketplace, or does your branding need some attention?

If your brand is calling for some love, BA can help! We can help evolve or rebrand your existing brand or if you have a new business, we can create a new brand that makes your business a stand out (for all the right reasons)!

Check out Our Work or swing by our Instagram page for some branding examples and feel free to get in touch to get the branding ball rolling!